Cortesia dott. Claudio Pasquale

Prof. a.c. Università di Genova
Segretario Culturale LEAD

Ascesso parodontale da tasca parodontale

Cortesia Prof. Daniele Botticelli

Ardec – Ariminum – Rimini
Dicembre 2019

A total of 31 pz. were enrolled, 50 elements (with 2 implants) with a total of 68 pocketsOnly one Aladent treatment was performed. Probing depth and bleeding on probing was evaluated at baseline, after 8 weeks and after 6 months. The statistics show an improvement of probing depth ( -3.5 mm after 6 months ) and bleeding on probing ( from 68 sites to 10 sites ).

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Cortesia Prof. Ezio Gheno
Casi Clinici a due anni

Deep endo-periodontal lesion with dental mobility, endodontically treated, dental elements had a residual 7 mm pocket.
A microbiological analysis of the bacteria present in the pocket was done.
After the treatment with Aladent, a new microbiological analysis showed very low bacteria presence and the teeth hadn’t longer mobility.
Two years later, mobility is absent and the probing depth is maintained into 3 mm.